How Much Mulch Do I Need? 


Premium Hardwood Mulch

Wood mulch placed around plantings provide ground insulation and landscape appeal.

Wood mulch is economical, easy to apply and remove for all your landscaping needs. It isn’t blown around by winds in gardens and lawns like other lightweight mulches. When it no longer looks its best, you can compost it or work it directly into the soil since it is a natural material.

Below you will find a formula to determine how much wood mulch you will need for any given garden area or other spot you want to landscape. Use our online calculator to determine your total mulch.

Mulch Needs Formula

To determine the volume of mulch you will need for a specific area use the following formula:

Volume = length x width x depth (depth would be in a percentage) / 27

Inches as a decimal are:

1" =.083     2" =.167     3" =.25     4" =.33     5" =.417     6" =.5     7" =.583    8" =.67       9" =.75     10" =.833     11" =.917     12" =1

Mulch calculator