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Choice of varieties

We sell hardwood, rough, PLAY MAT™ and compost media mulches for your landscape.

Mulch is a a kind of covering arranged around plants (or covering for the ground in lieu of plants or other ground covers like stone or gravel), placed to enhance the landscaping of your property, but also to prevent the growth of weeds. Whether placed around plants or spread out over bare soil, a garden mulch provides advantages that go beyond weed control. These include:

  1. Preventing erosion.

  2. Insulating the soil (keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter).

  3. Enhancing the soil once the mulch has broken down (in the case of the organic kinds of mulches, such as wood pulp).

  4. Drawing beneficial worms and insects to the garden area.

  5. Keeping fruits or ornamental berries off the bare ground, which helps preserve an unspoiled look for your property.

  6. Reducing soil water loss.

Barcel Mill started production of wood product landscape mulches in 1990 and in 1996 added color enhanced landscape mulches and later, animal morbidity compost.

Premium Hardwood Mulch

  • Color Enhanced Mulch—Color Enhanced shredded hardwood mulch is a colorfast and environmentally safe product that will give you a year or more of vibrant color.  We do not use recycled products in the production that can bring unknown toxic chemicals into your families environment.

    • Chocolate Brown

    • Gold

    • Big Red™

  • PLAY MAT™ —an engineered fall protection barrier for under playground equipment.

  • Rough Mulch—perfect for heeling in trees.

  • Compost Media—animal morbidity compost.

How much mulch do I need?

Use our formula to determine how much wood mulch you will need for any given garden area or other spot you want to landscape. Calculate how much mulch I need.

*Pricing varies based on the product, quantity and species. Please contact us for specific pricing questions.